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Exploring the World of Quality and Creativity with Fabric by Moda


Fabric by Moda is a popular brand of high-quality fabrics that is well-known among quilters, sewers, and crafters. Founded in 1975, Moda Fabrics is a family-owned company based in Dallas, Texas, that has become synonymous with beautiful and unique fabrics. The company has a vast collection of fabrics, ranging from classic solids and prints to trendy designs and patterns.

Moda Fabrics is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Incorporating environmentally conscious practices into their production process, the company exclusively utilizes premium materials like 100% cotton, wool, and silk to craft their fabrics. Moreover, they employ sustainable techniques such as low-impact dyeing and material recycling whenever feasible. Given the growing consumer awareness regarding the ecological impact of their purchases, the company's emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness is crucial in the modern world.

One of the reasons Fabric by Moda is so popular is the wide variety of fabrics available. The company offers fabrics in different weights, textures, and designs, making it easy to find the perfect fabric for any project. They have fabrics that range from soft and silky to heavy and durable, making it easy to choose the right fabric for any sewing or quilting project.

Another factor that makes Fabric by Moda so popular is the beautiful designs and patterns. Moda Fabrics partners with leading designers to produce distinctive and captivating prints, which are exclusively available through their brand. Among their best-loved designs are floral motifs, geometric shapes, and fanciful patterns.

Let’s glance at some of the popular patterns by Fabric by Moda.

  • Moda Fabrics Peppermint Bark - Scrolls & Flakes - Sage 

Sage, and White are some of the available colors. On this striking songbook by moda graphic fabric, you may see flourishes, scrolling, and snowflakes. The larger snowflakes measure roughly 2" and are part of BasicGrey's "Peppermint Bark" collection for Moda Fabrics.

  • Moda Fabrics Crossweave - Fat Quarters

Moda crossweave comes with a set of 27 Fat Quarters. With this precut packet of solid fabrics, you may have a taste of every hue while still getting a textured solid for your diverse crafting requirements.

  • Moda Fabrics Bliss - Flower Luxury - Sandstone Yellow

Some of the colors are Scarlet, Creamsicle Orange, Lemon Sorbet Yellow, Seaglass Green, Mantis Green, and Sandstone Yellow. The larger blooms in Moda fabric collection measures around 2-1/4" and are part of the 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics "Bliss" collection!

  • Moda Fabrics Emma - Stripes - Eggshell

Dark Mint, Dark Mint, Adobe, Palm Green, Eggshell, Dandelion, Tangerine, Steel Grey, and Scarlet

This vibrant lined Emma fabric by Moda has stripes that run at an angle. The 'Emma' collection's wider stripes measure roughly 1/8".

The quality of Fabric by Moda is also apparent in the way the fabrics are printed. Moda Fabrics uses a process called rotary screen printing, which allows for precise placement and vibrant colors. This process ensures that each print is perfect, and the colors are bright and vivid, making the fabric ideal for use in quilts and other sewing projects.

Fabric by Moda is also easy to work with, making it a favorite among quilters and sewers. The high-quality cotton fabric is easy to sew, cut, and handle, making it perfect for creating intricate designs and patterns. Additionally, the fabric has a soft and smooth texture, which is ideal for creating comfortable and cozy garments.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Fabric by Moda is a brand of high-quality fabrics that is popular among quilters, sewers, and crafters. The company's commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability has made it a favorite among consumers.

With its vast collection of fabrics in different weights, textures, and designs, Moda Fabrics makes it easy to find the perfect fabric for any project. Whether you are making a quilt, garment, or home decor item, Fabric by Moda is sure to provide a beautiful and high-quality fabric that will last for years to come.